We adhere to the principle of sustainability across all our business processes ranging from production to management and sales. Since our inception, we have always given particular importance to sustainability in all our production processes, the way we do business, and our corporate responsibility efforts. Through our efforts, we make positive contributions both to our community and the environment. It is these values that underlie our sustainability policy as well.

We continue our efforts in line with our mission of bringing together persons that enjoy our brands with pleasure and responsibly to share the finest moments in life. That’s why we deem sustainability the most rational, responsible, and in fact, the only means of delivering on our vision of becoming Turkey’s most popular beverage company. Accordingly, as we highlight our commitment to support future generations in leading better lives, we also focus our business strategies on generating sustainable positive impact and place our sustainability approach at the center of our operations.

Our social and environmental sustainability efforts constitute the cornerstone of our sustainability approach.

In the field of social sustainability, we support local development by creating sustainable models in the fields of agriculture and tourism while contributing social and cultural development through our work in the fields of theater, cinema, and sport. With this perspective, we have been supporting sport since 1976, agriculture since 1982, cinema since 1987, theater since 1992, and tourism since 2007 in Turkey.

And in the field of environmental sustainability, we have been making strides in topics that are instrumental to a sustainable future including water usage, energy and emission management and packaging management through the projects we implement both in our country and our operations. In recent years, our environmental sustainability efforts successfully made us the first and only Turkish company to be included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index as Anadolu Efes. Furthermore, we were also qualified to enter the Istanbul Stock Exchange (BIST) Sustainability Index for the 2015-16 and 2016-17 period. We are taking our environmental commitments to an international level through collaborations including the UN Global Compact and the CEO Water Mandate as well.

Social Sustainability

In social sustainability, we have ongoing long-winded efforts in the fields of local development and sociocultural development.


Environmental Sustainability

We aim to create new opportunities both for our company and our operational geography by creating solutions for the specific problems of our industry as well as overall problems. As a company that gets its raw materials from the land and water, environmental sustainability is critical to both measuring and mitigating our impact on the environment and ensuring the continuity of our production. That’s why, we have focused on cutting down on water use, energy consumption, emission levels and packaging materials in the field of environmental sustainability while conducting reliable, safe and environment-friendly operations. Through our productivity projects, we consume less energy and water, minimizing the amount of gas and waste we release to the nature every year. And we regularly share with the public any progress we make.

This year, we spent 22% less water and 17% less energy while generating 27% less waste water and 14% less emissions in our production processes in terms of the volume of products sold compared to 2008.

Water Management

We use less water to produce more beer. To lead better lives, we will need more clean water sources in the future. Every year, we strive to preserve our main ingredient and to ensure the safety of the needs of the society in the future as well by producing more beer with less water. Our water saving policy is in place across all our breweries. Our water savings per unit product have reached 10% in our breweries and 17% in our malt factories over the last five years. In other words, over the last five years, we saved the equivalent of the annual water needs of 20,500 persons.

Energy and Emission Management

We reduce our carbon footprint by making more efficient use of our energy resources. Thus, we boost our efficiency while generating positive effect to sustain a better life by reducing our environmental impact. Through our energy efficiency projects and investments, we cut down on our unit energy consumption by 6% in our breweries and 3% in our malt factories over the last five years. These savings correspond to the annual power demand of 33,500 families. Additionally, we have also reduced the amount of per unit greenhouse gas generated at our production facilities by 5% over the last five years. Furthermore, we cut down on CO2 emissions by 1,200 tons/year as a result of the energy saving projects implemented in 2014 and by 1,200 tons/year thanks to the procurement of environment-friendly coolers.

Packaging Management

We are reducing our material consumption thanks to more environment-friendly packaging practices. As we continue our practices aimed at reducing packaging weight per unit sold, we prioritize more environment-friendly packaging practices and ensure that packaging waste are collected and recycled.

In 2014, 83% of our bottled products were released to the market in returnable bottles. The use of returnable glass bottles helped us prevent the generation of nearly 150,000 tons of glass waste in 2014.

Anadolu Efes – ÇEVKO Collaboration

As a responsible producer, we work in collaboration with the Environmental Protection and Packaging Waste Recovery and Recycling Trust (ÇEVKO) since 2010. Through our efforts in this field, we get excellent results that will contribute environmental sustainability. Our work to date has saved 461.676 trees from being cut down. We saved the equivalent of the annual water needs of 4.110 families. In 2014, we were given the ÇEVKO Green Dot award in the Large-Scale Enterprise category for our work in the field of environmental sustainability, and in particular, for switching to returnable bottle packaging for more of our products. We will maintain this collaboration with ÇEVKO, continuing to obtain sustainable solutions and contribute in environmental sustainability.

Anadolu Efes Environmental Sustainability Milestones


We established the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) in all our factories. The system is still in place and continuously improved today.


For the first time in the industry, all our operations received ISO 50001 Energy Management System Standard certification.


We signed the United Nations Global Compact and pledged to generate continued value for our stakeholders with an environment-friendly business model that protects human rights, provides a fair work environment, and is dominated by principles of ethical, transparent and accountable governance. In addition to spreading the UNGC principles across our value chain, we also support the spread of these principles nationwide through UNGC Turkey Local Network Board membership.


We became eligible to represent our country at the +20 Sustainable Development Conference held in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) with our sustainable agricultural practices.


We achieved a very important success by entering the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), which lists the world’s leading companies based on their financial performance. In 2013, we became the first and only Turkish company that successfully entered the index, which lists the most accomplished companies in terms of social, economic, and environmental criteria.


We became the first Turkish company to sign the CEO Water Mandate declaration. We were included in the CEO Mandate, which was established as a UN Global Compact initiative and created by global business leaders to tackle the water problem faced by the world, for the work we have done as well as our results in the fields of water management and conservation.


We were qualified to enter the Istanbul Stock Exchange (BIST) Sustainability Index for our work in the field of sustainability. Our sustainability work and performance under the titles of water management, energy and emission management, value chain improvement, product responsibility, operational reliability, community development, talent management, and packaging management secured our place in the 29 company index.